Matt Lethbridge LRPS


Hi and welcome to No Lens Landscapes.


Originally  from The Isles of Scilly and now based in the north of England, I have been an outdoor photographer for the last 12 years. I started out photographing the landscape with various digital cameras until around three years ago when  I decided that I might try shooting a few rolls of film, just to see if I would enjoy the process. What started off as a bit of fun soon turned in to an obsession of sorts, to the point that I now photograph virtually exclusively with film and develop all my own work, both colour and black and white.

Pinhole photography is what really gets me excited, real back to basics image making. No automatic metering, only a hand held meter, no auto settings, no viewfinder to compose with, just a light proof box with a pinhole for a lens.

Exposure times are long, from several seconds to many minutes and composition is learnt through trial and error. 

The end results are are mixture of experience, with a little serendipity thrown in for good measure and can end up looking quite ethereal.


No Lens Landscapes is dedicated to photographs made on traditional film using pinhole cameras.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to buy a print, or have any questions or feedback.


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